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Ethics are at the core of every Neurosity product. We believe that our collective future has all of us wearing brain computers for terrific, empowering experiences.

At Neurosity, privacy and security are top priority; our transport security approach: In a nutshell, we use authentication, authorization (ACL), SSL, and encryption. What type of security would make you the most comfortable?

To that end, we like to say Never send raw data at Neurosity. For the development of applications, sure, send raw data to your development computer for processing. However, for users, we seek to create an ecosystem where your applications crunch raw data on the actual headset, thereby protecting the end user's sensitive raw data. Plus, sending raw data to another device for processing is very power-intensive and will result in poor battery life for users.

We hope that you use the Neurosity SDK to empower the minds of millions. Alone we may go fast, but together we'll go far.